A Guide to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle refers to a set of behavioural patterns that can help extend your lifespan and achieve better health. It includes diet, exercise routine, relationships and activities undertaken. Furthermore, it may encompass your beliefs, social ties and sense of identity as well.

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There is no universal definition of lifestyle; rather, different fields of research have used different terms to refer to its concept. Some researchers use “lifestyle” as a term referring to decisions you make daily about how you want your daily life to progress; others see lifestyle more broadly as your approach to living.

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Lifestyle research connects to several other fields, such as sociology and health psychology. Sociologists investigate it at both levels: behavior-level definition and analysis as defined by Georg Simmel and Pierre Bourdieu who saw lifestyle as both an internalization process as well as externalization process shaped both by society’s structure as well as an individual’s personal preferences, expectations, and interests.

Thorstein Veblen and Max Weber were two other sociological scholars to conduct studies of lifestyle at a society-wide level. They discovered that people adopt specific behavioural schemes or consumption patterns either to differentiate themselves from groups they perceive as inferior, or in order to mimic those they view as superior.

Since these initial studies, lifestyle theory has expanded considerably. Today’s sociologists, such as Joffre Dumazedier and Anthony Giddens, explore people’s everyday behaviors to see how people choose their lifestyles; additionally they seek to understand the relationship between active choice of a lifestyle as an active dimension and structure/routine that characterise this level of action.

Other scholars, such as Richard Jenkins and A.J. Veal, have asserted that lifestyles do not consist solely of routine actions but can include anything considered meaningful and distinctive to an individual’s identity – this concept is known as lifestyle construct.

There are numerous lifestyles, which vary according to both culture and individual. They may involve your pursuit of leisure activities, values, attitudes, dress style and individual expression – for instance pursuing leisure activities, values attitudes dress style etc – they also encompass your relationship with money, work or career choices and status in society, the type of food eaten as well as any harmful habits such as smoking alcohol drugs etc – not forgetting physical exercise either! You could even adopt spiritual or religious lifestyles like that of Mennonites which emphasize simplicity peace brotherly love while taking on modern technologies.

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