Copacabana and Hailai are The First Legally Recognized Casinos in Jakarta

According to what is generally understood, the government and almost every individual in Indonesia believe that gambling would only cause problems and eventually violate religious laws. In addition to that, every player these days moves from playing darts to playing online. All of the players of slots, casinos, and togels choose the best situs togel resmi to play online games at.

However, in Jakarta, injustices are seldom ignored. The purpose of the Governor’s Office to reopen the casino is to clarify the understanding that the casino in Jakarta would close soon.

History of Jakarta Casino

There has been a casino in Jakarta from the Gubernur Ali Sadikin administration’s establishment in 1966 until 1977. Ali Sadikin became angry when he learned that, at the beginning of the government, APBD DKI Jakarta only had around Rp66 million, which includes taxes and government’s subsidies.

Due to their ignorance of how to build Jakarta with this little APBD, Ali Sadikin looked for the best way to get construction proceeds without having to worry about legal issues at this time. After that, he received the 1957 Undang-Undang No. 11 about the Regulation of Land Use from the Jakarta DKI Sekda Djumadjitin.

As a result of these laws, the government of the current region is able to suppress the gambling permits. During the Ali Sadikin administration, several roads were constructed from this point on. On July 26, 1967, Ali Sadikin introduced the Surat Keputusan, which reduced the incidence of gelap across DKI Jakarta.

Two months after SK’s departure, the first casino opened in Petak Sembilan No. 52 in West Jakarta. Because they understand the clear legal principles, they do not see themselves as the head of the Jakarta DKI but rather as Purnawirawan Letnan Jenderal KKO.

According to Ali Sadikin, quoted in Biografi Bang Ali: Demi Jakarta 1966-1977, penned by Ramadhan K.H., “Some governors are not as capable as others.” Only other governors aren’t very good at handling it.”

Other casinos that opened after Petak Sembilan’s casino were Hailai Casino, which opened in 1971, and Copacabana Casino, which opened in 1975 in the Ancol neighborhood of Jakarta Utara. Before expanded into modern world like togel situs resmi right now.

There are also on the basement of Teater Djakarta and Senen in Mid Jakarta. As it is, the Copacabana is one of the most well-known in the world. Located next to the Copacabana Casino, the Hotel Horison is now known as the Mercure Convention Center Ancol. This casino may even include a VIP room reserved only for high rollers.

Hailai Casino is also included in the category of high class casinos. According to reports, Stanley Ho, a businessman from Hong Kong who is also known as the “Godfather & King of Gambling,” is the owner of the large company SJM Holdings, which operates 19 casinos in Makau. Grand Lisboa is among the most well-known casinos.

Due to gambling taxes, the income of Jakarta has grown. Ali Sadikin then used gambling taxes to build Ismail Marzuki Park, the public facilities, school, and Jakarta itself. But after Ali Sadikin’s death in 1977, the gambling community felt that their primary “father” had failed.

Later, in April 1981, Governor Tjokropranolo decided to close the Copacabana Casino in Ancol. In this case “Gambling must be wiped out, not only being mutated to another place.” In addition to it, table games are also played.

But Hailai’s situation is not the same. After the casino closed, the ladies’ club continued to operate. When this ladies’ club adopted its new name, the International Hailai Executive Club, in the year 2000, it became quite well-known. November 2019 saw the return of The Old Hailai.

After the casinos in Jakarta were closed, many gamblers had to go to Genting, Malaysia, also known as Makau, which was dubbed “Asian Las Vegas”. To be honest, Ali Sadikin didn’t like it as he was only interested in sending money to other countries.

Conversely, Frank Woodmore, a Perth-based real estate investor, received business ideas from Jakarta casino operators. In 1985, Woodmore financed Solo Robby Sumampow to establish a gambling company on Pulau Natal, often known as Christmas Island. The name Christmas Island Resort Pty Ltd. was first used in the 1990s.

(David Curl) After being granted permission by the Australian federal government, the casino and resort on Christmas Island experienced a little earthquake. Pejudi mostly originates from Jakarta and many other Asian cities. Tommy Soeharto’s national flight company, Sempati Air, was very successful in this business venture by extending its reach beyond Jakarta. This is associated with Ansett Airlines, which also provides flight service from Perth and Singapore to Natal Island. However, the Island Christmas casino, which is now the most lucrative in the world, is not very old.

After operating for just around eight years, the casino eventually closed. The cause of this is the Asian economic crisis that occurred between 1997 and 1998. After all of the casinos in question closed, Indonesian gamblers began to go abroad. Travelers from Malaysia, China, and Macau return to Genting Highlands. In addition, all games may be easily accessed via online togel sites in the present period.

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