5 Ways an Employment Attorney Can Help

During your time at the workplace, you may encounter situations wherein employees or executives feel their rights are discarded. In such a situation, getting legal advice from the Montclair employment law attorney is important. They will access the case and determine all uncertainties. If you are still unsure about hiring a Montclair employment law attorney, we have got you covered. This article has jotted down the top ways an employment attorney can help. Here we go! 

Ways an employment attorney can help you 

1. Legal advice and guidance 

Employment lawyers have extensive expertise in labor laws and rules. They offer guidance on different topics, such as:

  • Employment contracts
  • Workplace regulations
  • Discrimination 
  • Harassment 
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Employee rights

Individuals and organizations can prevent or resolve legal issues by making educated decisions and taking appropriate action based on their grasp of the law.

2. Drafting and reviewing contracts 

If you are an employer drafting workplace policies or an employee agreeing to the employment contract, you need an employment lawyer by your side. They will overview the contract and read all essential details. An attorney ensures the contract follows all employment rules without hampering the employee’s interest. 

3. Unlawful termination 

At times, employers give an invalid reason to fire an employee. Some common examples of unlawful termination are:

  • An employee’s national origin, race, sexual orientation, gender, disability and age. 
  • Requests for accommodations made by employees with disabilities
  • Taking revenge on a worker who reported illegal discrimination
  • Taking adverse action against a worker who assisted with a discrimination inquiry 

4. Unpaid wages and other compensation

Employment attorneys assist workers in getting unpaid pay that they have earned. Some examples of unpaid wage claims are: 

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Commissions or bonuses  
  • Final wages 

It is illegal to omit to pay earned compensation when it is due. There are several reasons for unpaid overtime. 

5. Compliance with employment law 

Employment laws are constantly evolving. In such a hassle, staying compliant can be quite challenging for employees. The employment lawyers help to navigate the labour regulations landscape, ensuring that they follow all state, federal and local laws. This is how employees can avoid penalties, fines and any legal liabilities. 

Wrapping up 

Speaking with an expert employment lawyer can be very beneficial if you’re an employer trying to follow the law or an employee trying to defend your rights.

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