What You Need To Know About The Counter Strike 2 IEM Cologne 2024

Skip the tedious ranking process and jump straight into the action with ready-to-play CSGO accounts from U7Buy! The most prestigious Counter Strike 2 tournament is underway. It’s a new year that calls for a new champion. The IEM Cologne tournament will take place as usual at the Lanxess Arena. Twenty-four of the best CSGO teams in the world are waiting to show off their skills. One million dollars is at stake. We have the Inte; Grand Slam and the second EPT Championship. If you wish to see the live action, you will be glad to know that tickets are available. Root for your team and interact with other Counter Strike 2 fans all over the world as the pros are battling for their place in the tournament.

What Is IEM Cologne?

IEM Cologne stands for Intel Extreme Masters Cologne. It is a premier esports event organized by the ESL. It is part of the Intel Extreme Masters series. It features various esports tournaments held around the world. Cologne, a city in Germany, serves as the host for this particular event. These Counter Strike 2 tournaments attract top professional teams and players from around the globe. Since 2014, this has been the most prestigious CSGO tournament.

The event has not only the main tournaments but also various side activities, such as exhibitions and opportunities for fans to engage with the esports scene. Fans have the chance to meet and greet the players, purchase merchandise, and more. IEM Cologne is one of the most anticipated events in the esports calendar. It draws large audiences both online and in person.

Counter Strike 2 IEM Cologne Format

The tournament has three parts. It starts off with the Play-In, followed by the Group Stage, and concludes with the Playoffs. The Play-In is a double-elimination bracket for the participating teams. The opening games will be best out of one. The others will be best out of three. The Play-Ins decide who goes further to the next part of the tournament. Eight teams advance to the Group Stage.

The Group Stage plays by 2 x 8 double-elimination rules. Three games will settle the score. The best three teams in each group go to the final part of the tournament. The winner in the group goes straight to the semifinals. The runner-up qualifies for the quarterfinals as the high seeds. The third place participates in the quarterfinals as the low seeds.

In the Playoffs, we have single-elimination rules. The quarterfinals and semifinals are played as best out of three. The grand victor in the final will be settled after five games.

Where Is Counter Strike IEM Cologne 2024 Taking Place?

The Lanxess Arena is a multi-purpose indoor venue located in Cologne. It is one of the largest arenas in Europe and is primarily used for hosting various sports events, concerts, and entertainment shows. The venue can accommodate over 18,000 spectators for sporting events and up to 20,000 for concerts.

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