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Games are structured forms of play designed for enjoyment and educational use, often including goals, rules, competition or challenge as elements of gameplay. From board to computer and video games – from connect four and tic-tac-toe to professional basketball and Ms Pacman – there are games suitable for everyone from simple freebies like connect four and tic-tac-toe through to costly ones like Ms. Pacman that cost millions to play! Likewise the word game may refer to contests such as football matches or races as well as forms of entertainment like movies or books!

Games are created using programming languages and can be run on various devices like video game consoles, computers or mobile phones. Most are intended to be competitive between multiple players either locally or over the internet; though a select few offer cooperative mode whereby all participants work together instead of against each other to overcome challenges. Games may either require payment in one transaction or can be free with microtransactions or advertising supporting them financially.

Many games revolve around an overarching theme such as war or love and are generally classified by genre. Role-playing games allow a player to assume an avatar in virtual world environments while action games involve combat-themed scenarios; some hybrid titles combine elements from both genres like role-playing with action gaming scenarios.

Most people are familiar with computer games, which have become an integral part of modern culture. These immersive, interactive experiences can be played on a computer or video game console – although they can also be experienced on mobile devices such as a phone, tablet or other tablet-type device – but as more people gain access to high-speed internet connections developers have created richer and more complex games with realistic environments, detailed characters, and challenging gameplay options.

Writing about video games is an arduous task that demands special skills to convey their experience. To be effective, writing must emulate playing them by recreating its interactivity and sense of immersion that make these immersive entertainment options so engrossing – which can be accomplished only with great effort! Attempts have been made by scholars across many different disciplines such as film studies or literature to apply theories from these fields directly to video gaming writing.

The democratization of game creation has given birth to an extraordinary range of styles and genres in game creation. Ranging from God of War or Call of Duty’s brutal violence, through Monument Valley’s soothing experience and the eye-opening postmodernism of The Stanley Parable’s postmodernism – video games have become an invaluable medium for creative expression – although its wide acceptance remains to be seen – some are optimistic while others worry it may bring with it all kinds of issues that plague other mediums.

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