Understanding the “Greened Out” Phenomenon: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

Cannabis usage has been skyrocketing recently after legalization in many states and medical benefit claims. Many people are using cannabis for anxiety disorder treatment, chronic pain management, and fighting cancer. Like all other drugs, the usage of cannabis can have potential side effects, such as greening out. Unfortunately, many cannabis users have no idea what being greened out means. So, they use marijuana without understanding this potential side, which can be dangerous. In this blog, we’ll uncover what greened out means, its causes and symptoms, and how to prevent it. 

What is Greened Out?

 Greened out is a phrase used to describe the unpleasant feeling a person experiences after consuming too much cannabis. The feeling can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. It can happen after different forms of cannabis consumption, including smoking, vaping, edibles, or concentrates. 

Causes of Greening Out

Greening out is often caused by consuming too much cannabis, more than your body can handle. This tends to happen more frequently to beginners who are yet to understand how cannabis works and their limits. So, they consume too much cannabis fast, hoping to get high fast; sadly, they end up greening out. 

Cannabis potency can also cause greening out. Different cannabis products have varying levels of potency. Products like edibles and concentrates tend to have high levels of THC, making them more potent than traditional flowers. Consuming high quantities of these products can pose a high risk of greening out. 

Symptoms of Greening Out

 Greening out can cause someone to experience a number of physical and psychological symptoms. It can cause a raised level of anxiety, where a person feels restless and uneasy. Some may experience paranoia, where they feel like someone is watching their every move.  

When greened out, people also tend to experience rapid heartbeats and sweating. The increased heart rate and the sweat can exacerbate the paranoia as they might feel like they’re dying. 

How to Prevent Greening Out

Carefully monitoring your cannabis usage can help you prevent greening out. So, know your limit and avoid consuming too much cannabis. Also, be careful when experimenting with new cannabis products like edibles and concentrates. Know the potency of these products and start with low quantities to see how your body handles them. 

Remember to drink water and eat something before or during cannabis consumption to reduce the risk of greening out. To manage the symptoms of greening out, try to stay calm, take a break, and move to a calm place

If you find it hard to consume cannabis without greening out, consider seeking professional medical help. The idea is to learn safe ways to consume cannabis and how to prevent greening out. A medical expert can also help you on what to do if you decide to stop consuming cannabis. 


Greening out is a serious side effect of consuming too much cannabis. Cannabis users need to understand what causes this side effect and how to prevent it. To learn more about greening out, seek professional medical help. A medical expert can offer more details on greening out symptoms and the best ways to manage them. 

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