Top 5 Winter Wonderland Destinations in India with Hotel Vouchers

The summer is here and a comfortable vacation to the mountains might be what we need just right now! This time, I chose to avoid the usual trouble of travel planning and instead decided to discover India’s beautiful hill stations with the fantastic collection of hotel vouchers offered by GyFTR. GyFTR is a multi-purpose platform where you can purchase your gift cards, and their Travel  Section for hotel vouchers provides amazing deals on stays in many hotels.

With a bunch of hotel vouchers in my hand, I had the full liberty to choose activities and weather conditions and was not limited by the price of hotel bookings. Thus, carrying my bag and the stacks of GyFTR’s hotel vouchers along, I began a fun-filled summer trip.

Darjeeling – The Queen of Hills

My first stop was the Darjeeling also called, the “Queen of Hills”. The instant I got off the train, I came face to face with crisp mountain air and an awe-inspiring charming landscape of the Kanchenjunga peak. In addition to all these, I utilized a MakeMyTrip Hotel Voucher that I got from GyFTR. The 10.5% discount on the vouchers made it possible for me to book a heritage property with a private balcony overlooking the green hills. To begin the day, I was treated to a breathtaking sunrise. Throughout the day, I shopped at a vibrant Chowrasta Market, learned to appreciate Darjeeling’s world-famous tea, and enjoyed a picturesque ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

Ooty – Lush Green Paradise

Then, I went south to Ooty which is on the hillside of Nilgiri hills. This hill town is the place where you can find everything you would want from a nature lover’s paradise: sights of emerald slopes, waterfalls crashing down, and tea plantations stretching far on the horizon. Thanks to a 9% discount on a Yatra Voucher from GyFTR, I was able to find a cozy stay in the heart of Ooty. The hotel voucher saved the day, enabling me to roam around the charming colonial architecture, take a boat trip on the Ooty Lake, and enjoy fresh soul-soothing homemade chocolates – being a specialty of the region.

Munnar – Picturesque Hill Station

Munnar, the hill station in Kerala, captivated me at first glance. The leaves of tea gardens decked out the landscape in emerald and made a mesmerizing patterned green. Thanks to a 5% discount on ClearTrip Hotel Vouchers from GyFTR, I could stay at a green, refreshing resort located on the foot of these rolling green hills. Munnar gave us a great variety of activities such as the trekking experience through the Shola forest that were very pleasing to our ears and also Echo Point, where your sound comes back to you in a beautiful way. One night, I was lucky to attend a remarkable Kathakali performance – an experience I’ll never forget.

Mount Abu – A Tranquil Escape

I thought of having a change from snowy mountain and thus I moved to Mount Abu in Rajasthan which is the only hill station in the state. This peaceful oasis offers a unique combination of desert and hills that make it stand out. I decided to use the Taj Experience hotel Vouchers from GyFTR which had a 6% discount on its vouchers and see what they had to offer in the peaceful Aravalli Hills. Mount Abu gave me a chance to see and relax at the same time. I went to Dilwara Jain Temples, the architectural wonders made of white marble, and spent some meditating time at Nakki Lake.

Coorg – The Scotland of India

The end of my journey was Coorg, also referred to as the “Scotland of India”. This hill station is known for its coffee plantations, great waterfalls, and rich biodiversity. With a whopping 8% discount on a FabHotels Voucher from GyFTR, my dream of discovering a quaint homestay nestled in the heart of a coffee plantation came true. Coorg became my window to the native community where I could even taste newly roasted coffee and had a chance for a wild safari at Nagarhole National Park.

I have spent this summer in the marvelous mountains. It was an excursion that gave me an incomparable delight and the hotel vouchers GyFTR supplied helped a lot. The discounts encouraged me to book a good standard hotel near my various destinations without putting strain on my pocket. This also gave me the flexibility to pick my destinations and go whenever I liked.

In conclusion, if you are the one who wants the invigorating escape this summer, walk into the magnificence of India’s hill stations. With GyFTR’s hotel vouchers, you can get comfortable and affordable rooms for your next trip. Happy travels!

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