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Record video on pc with iTop Screen Recorder


Utilizing the iTop Screen Recorder brings unparalleled simplicity to recording your Windows screen. This sophisticated and powerful computer screen recorder is equipped with four modes that readily capture screen displays, webcam footage, audio, and gaming captures. Whether you require it for tutorial video creation, gameplay streaming capture, or straightforward process documentation on your PC, iTop Screen Recorder houses all necessary features within a single easy-to-navigate interface. A notable attribute of iTop Screen Recorder includes its proficiency in capturing both visuals and audio emanating from your system or microphone simultaneously. This enables immersive recordings encompassing visual demonstrations paired with spoken explanations. Furthermore, our software bestows upon you the flexibility to tailor your recording area specifically according to your needs – be it a particular window viewing pane, comprehensive full-screen coverage, or custom-determined dimensions. 

Why choose iTop Screen Recorder for recording videos?

Utilizing iTop Screen Recorder expedites the previously complex process of documenting your Windows screen activities. This sophisticated yet user-friendly software presents four distinctive recording modes that facilitate effortless capture of screen displays, webcam footage, audio data, and gaming sequences. It is an indispensable tool for creating instructional videos, capturing real-time play for game streaming, or merely documenting any computational procedure. A distinguishing characteristic of iTop Screen Recorder is its capacity to seamlessly record visual presentations along with system or microphone audio accompaniments—leading to a more engaging demonstration that effectively merges written procedures with auditory guidance.  The software also offers customizable recording parameters allowing you precise control over your areas of focus—be it concentrating on a specific window, the entire screen, or custom coordinates according to your preference. With iTop Screen Recorder at your disposal, you can unleash your creativity by producing polished videos with professional-grade results effortlessly.

Why is video recording on a PC essential in professional settings?

Utilizing the iTop Screen Recorder, you can effortlessly record your Windows screen. This comprehensive and potent PC screen recording software presents four distinct modes facilitating uncomplicated capture of screen, webcam, audio footage, and even gaming sessions.

The utility of iTop Screen Recorder expands to creating instructional videos or capturing gameplay for broadcast. It is equally useful when necessary to document a specific process on your computer. The recorder integrates all requisite tools within a single ergonomically designed user interface.

A prime feature that sets the iTop Screen Recorder apart is its capability to integrate visual and auditory data from your system or microphone in the recordings. Consequently, this functionality enables more engaging recordings inclusive of visual presentations complemented by verbal elucidations.

Moreover, the advanced features offered by iTop Screen Recorder, such as background blurring or removal, add a layer of professionalism to recorded videos. This feature enables users to maintain focus on the subject matter being presented and eliminate distractions from the background environment.

By leveraging these capabilities, professionals can elevate their video recordings and deliver content that is visually appealing and impactful in various business contexts.


iTop Screen Recorder is a powerful and user-friendly tool for capturing high-quality videos on your PC. With its intuitive interface and customizable settings, users can easily record their screens for various purposes such as tutorials, presentations, or gameplay footage. The software’s ability to capture both audio and video simultaneously makes it a versatile option for content creators and educators alike. Additionally, the built-in editing tools allow users to enhance their recordings before sharing them with others. 

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