How to play Phom fully from A to Z for new players

New88 will send to everyone how to play phom easiest to understand and most complete. Phỏm in Vietnam is also known by many other names such as bai ta la, card tu lo kho, card ù… This game is loved by many members because the rules are simple, easy to understand and equally interesting. .
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Basic rules of playing phom

Before starting, the dealer must shuffle the cards carefully and then give each member 9 random cards in a circle. The dealer will receive 1 additional card, for a total of 10 cards. The remaining remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table and are called “stings”. According to how to play phom, whoever owns 10 pieces will be the first to play.

If the person next to you can combine that card with their pieces to create a straight, they will take that card. In case of failure, the bettor will draw a card from the pile, then play 1 card and pass the turn. Next, the third person can take the second person’s card to create phom and then play another card.

If you cannot create phom, you will also draw 1 card from the pile and then put 1 card down for the fourth player. The fourth member also acts similarly to the previous players. If you can create phom, you do not need to draw a card from the base and must play one of your cards. 

How to play phom This will continue until each member has had 4 rounds. In addition, the game can still end sooner if there is a “busy” player bet. This card game requires 2 to 4 participants. If there are 4 members, the game will be more attractive.

Instructions for determining winning or losing when playing phom cards

The phom card game can end early without each player needing to play all 4 rounds. You will be buzzed immediately and become the winner when you create 3 different phoms. If all the cards are gone and no member has “buzzed”, the person with the most phoms will win.

In case members own equal amounts of phom, how to play phom Winners and losers will be determined based on scores. The player with the lowest total score will be the leader. Likewise for the situation where no one can create any phom. 

The player will calculate the total score to see which member has the lowest score as the winner. Before calculating points, players can send the cards in their hand to other people’s phom if they are in the same row. This will help reduce your score significantly, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

When playing phom, you must know commonly used terms

To understand clearly how to play phom, members must be familiar with commonly used terms. This will help you not be confused and confidently participate in any game.

  • Phom: A straight with 3 or more cards consisting of consecutive cards of the same suit or sets of three or four of the same value.
  • Junk cards: This term refers to cards that do not have the ability to create phom with other cards. 
  • Venom: Venom are the remaining cards after all the cards have been dealt to the players. The venom will be placed in the middle for members to take turns withdrawing.
  • Mom: Theo how to play phom, after finishing all 4 draws, if the bettor does not own any phom, it will be called a nom.
  • Buzz: If you can create 3 phoms from 9 cards in your hand, the member will “buzz” and win immediately without counting points.
  • Temple/Village Temple: This term refers to the act of paying the entire village if your last pawn is captured by the person next to you.
  • Send: This action takes place when the junk cards in your hand can be “sent” to the phom of other players.

Full and detailed way to play phom for new players

The rules of phom are basically very simple and easy to understand, just play a few games and everyone will get used to it. However, there are some important ways to play that bettors should know to avoid unfortunate losses.
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  • How to play phom The rule is that once you call out the name of a card, you must play that card without changing your decision.
  • Once the player has taken the card of the previous member, he is not allowed to draw any more cards from the middle of the table.
  • The member who plays their cards later has the right to send their cards to the phom of the players who played their cards first.
  • Besides posting, there are many ways to bet to lower your score. For example, creating phoms longer than 3 cards, hitting all the head cards because their scores are very high… 
  • According to how to play phom, normally each bettor will play 4 rounds to run out of cards (if there are 4 players). However, on the fourth turn, if the member who played the card first wins the card of the member who played the last card, that person will have a 5th turn.

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