History of Gambling in North Carolina

In 1749, the North Carolina General Assembly adopted an English statute that disallowed excessive gambling, marking the first appearance of gambling laws in North Carolina. This statute invalidated gambling debts over £100, and in 1753, a new statute was enacted that invalidated all gambling debts, placed a cap of 40s daily on a gambler’s losses, and forbade public gambling of any sort. In 1763, that cap was reduced to 5s, and between 1784 and 1785, taxes were slapped on playing cards, Box and Dice, and games like A.B.C and E.O tables.

1791 ushered in the decision to ban all these games and other gaming tables completely. The only thing left untouched was lotteries that were institutionalized whenever there was a need to raise funds for charity or any such causes. The legislature approved over 62 lotteries from 1809 to 1835, and in 1835, following a nationwide riot against lotteries, they were also banned. 

A lot has transpired in the history of gambling in North Carolina from 1835 till date, but here’s a report on more recent happenings.

Recent Gambling Bills Passed in North Carolina

After several years, North Carolina has decided to enjoy some of the benefits of the sports betting market despite its former misgivings.

On the 14th day of June 2023, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed House Bill 437 into law after rejecting the bill for a more extended period than North Carolina’s bettors would have preferred. The move legalized professional and college sports betting, including soccer, hockey, baseball, golf, and football. With this, North Carolinian bettors interested in college sports can finally put their money where their mouth is and win big.

The Senate may hold another legislative session on this case, but here’s to hoping that 2024 is the year your wishes are fulfilled.

Land-Based Casinos in North Carolina 

While North Carolina strives to introduce more land-based casinos and permit online gambling in 2024, three existing physical casinos engage bettors. These casinos are regulated by Native American tribes and guided by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. They always disclose the types of games they would offer bettors before reaching an agreement with Governor Roy Cooper.

These three physical casinos are:

  1. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort
  2. Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River
  3. Catawba Two Kings Casino

Here’s a guide to comparing Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort and Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River.

How Different Are Legal Online Casinos from Offshore Sites?

Offshore casinos are legal gambling platforms through which North Carolinian bettors can feed their gambling needs in the absence of physical or legal online casinos in their state. These sites are outside North Carolina, so the NC gambling laws do not apply to them.

Although some offshore casinos pose challenges to bettors who use them from different parts of the world, there are other well-vetted offshore sites whose excellent reputation shine through their reliability and adherence to gambling regulations.

On the other hand, legal online casinos are well-regulated by the government in the states that allow them.

They enforce proper conduct by following the guidelines imposed by their regulators, seeing as they would not want to lose their operation license.

There are no legal online casinos now, but we have conducted in-depth research on the best offshore casinos in North Carolina.

Offshore Casinos in North Carolina

The signing of House Bill 437 may have surprised North Carolinians, considering how much they have fought for legalizing gambling. Although the state has yet to provide the whole gambling experience in physical and online casinos, you can play at some offshore North Carolina online casinos.

Some offshore casinos offer the best racebooks, sportsbooks, and game plans.

  1. Ducky Luck Casino
  2. Red Dog Casino
  3. Bovada Casino
  4. Wild Casino
  5. Ignition Casino

These offshore casinos offer you the following benefits: reliable and lightning-fast payments, game variety, mouthwatering bonuses, and excellent reputations that have stood the test of time. What’s more? Here’s a list of the best ones of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of offshore casinos in North Carolina? 

The first benefit North Carolinians derive from offshore casinos is proximity, as they can bet on their favorite games from their comfort zones. 

The second benefit is the creation of job opportunities within North Carolina, especially with the introduction of land-based casinos. 

Can I play legal online casinos from North Carolina in other states?

There’s a limit to the number of online casinos you can play from North Carolina. States like Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania only allow people within their boundaries to play their online casino games. However, the section above contains a list of offshore casinos you can freely play at without encountering any challenges. 


Our fingers remain crossed for the legalization of gambling in North Carolina. However, before the Senate decides, keep busy with the three land-based casinos mentioned in this article. If you’re searching for something excitingly different, our list of offshore casinos is there to raise the bar on your gambling experience. May the odds be in your favor! 

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