What is Sicbo? Great Tips for Playing Sicbo with Hundred Matches and Hundred Wins

What is Sicbo? How are the laws of actual combat specifically regulated? What are the forms of Sicbo betting that many bettors choose? What strategy should a newbie start with to increase their odds of conquering the betting arena? Accompany experts Link 789BET Casino to find quick answers right in the content of the article!

What is Sicbo?

The Sicbo game, also known as Tai Xiu, is popular in Asia. The game starts with 3 6-sided dice numbered from 1 – 6. You can freely join with your friends because This game does not limit the number of members.

In the past, players often wondered What is Sic Bo? Because the game is only popular during holidays and Tet, there are few opportunities for contact. Now, bookmakers have provided online play, so they can reach all audiences and members can try more.

The game is gradually becoming popular and is present in most bookies and game portals, large and small, both domestically and internationally because of its ease of playing and winning. Besides the element of chance, it also relies on members’ analytical skills and problem recognition to make accurate bets.

Detailed rules of the Sicbo game that newbies should master

Before entering the match and starting to fight with opponents as well as the house, members need to know the rules of the game What is Sic Bo? to confidently bet, not easily “fall into the trap” as well as change the most suitable strategy for each game. This also helps newbies avoid making mistakes when playing.

  • The dealer rolls 3 dice with 6 sides and points corresponding to 1 – 6. The bettor will predict the result of Over or Under and bet money.
  • Participants determine the betting capital with chips at the house. During the experience, you are free to change the bet level to increase if you have a different prediction.
  • There are many ways to place money, so new players need to identify each type to avoid interruption while playing.

Online Sicbo betting is often chosen by bettors

The Sicbo game publisher has provided many forms of betting to increase the appeal of this game. Each type will have different characteristics and newbies need to understand clearly before participating in the real match. So details of betting types What is Sic Bo??

  • Even bet: Members will rely on the tail of the total of 3 dice to choose whether the bet is even (Results are 0-2-4-6-8) or odd (Results are 1-3-5-7 -9).
  • Bet on specific total points: The winning rate is quite low, so the reward value of this bet is considered attractive. You need to set the standard number of points on the 3 dice appearing.
  • Random point bet: The player will predict the number of points and wait for the dice results to appear after rolling. The more numbers you match, the bigger the bonus.
  • Betting on Over/Under: Simple form of entering money with two doors: Over – Under. Participants will place Over when the total score is from 11 – 17 and bet Under when predicting a score from 4 – 10.

What is the strategy to play Sicbo to easily win?

Does the strategy play What is Sic Bo? Helps players easily win many games? This is a concern asked by many beginners to have a safe experience and increased probability of winning. Here are some good tips summarized by experts with many years of experience and have been tested in practice:
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  • Understand the rules of the game: The core factor that makes success when playing Sic Bo, you should learn the rules and learn how to play to become more professional through each match.
  • Use appropriate strategies: Each game will have different properties, so bettors should flexibly change and combine tips instead of using a stereotyped tip.
  • Choose a door that is easy to win: Newbies should place bets on doors that have a high probability of appearing even though the winning rate is low, helping to ensure a source of money when they do not have much experience.
  • Don’t bet too much: Participants should divide the frequency of placing bets to avoid losing focus, focusing on bets with high winning rates.
  • Sole bet: Form of sole bet What is Sic Bo?? This is the type where you will bet on the final result of 3 dice with the same odd or even total score.
  • Budget management: Before starting, you should make a specific spending plan and stop when you run out of capital to avoid “overspending” leading to losing everything in the game of chance.


Surely you understand the question What is Sic Bo? When you’ve followed this far, right? Hopefully, understanding the basic rules, betting forms as well as card playing strategies will help newbies gradually conquer reputable betting addresses. Visit 789BET Casino now to enjoy the entertainment space and earn more income with the experts!

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