What is Hat Trick? The Most Famous Hat-Trick Players

Hat trick What is the term referring to in the sport of football? Let’s find the most accurate answer in our following article.

Hat trick can be said to be a quite popular term in the sport of football. However, there is still a part of fans who still do not really understand the meaning of this phrase. Today’s article by Nha cai new88 will explain more clearly as well as highlight the most prominent names in scoring hat-tricks.

Decoding the concept in detail hat trick What is in football?

Basically, this is considered a special record or personal achievement in the king sport. Hat-trick is a phrase that refers to players who score 3 goals in just one match. Unlike basketball, volleyball,… scoring goals in soccer is not simple, it depends on many factors such as technique, teammates, tactics, luck,…

Find out the origin of the hat-trick definition

According to the information New88 learned, the term hat trick did not appear for the first time in football, instead it was baseball. This phrase originated from a circus artist named HJ Sutcliff when he participated and won a Baseball match in America in the 19th century.

The prize was a rather large hat, this guy placed it on top of his head and showed off his circus skills. With three great things that HJ Sutcliff did in one go, the term hat-trick began to be used more widely.

Summary of typical players with numbers hat trick terrible

After understanding the concept in detail, surely everyone can see that achieving this personal achievement is not easy. However, in the history of world football, “monsters” have appeared who can score nearly 100 hat-tricks. Let’s explore in more detail in the following content of New88.


If you are a true football fan, we are sure that the name Pele is no longer too strange. The legendary Brazilian player created 92 hat tricks as well as 1,281 goals during his playing career. This is the greatest achievement ever that no star has been able to break.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Also a “monster” in hat-trick hunting with a total of 56 times up to now. Even though he is over 30, this Portuguese player is still playing with extremely stable performance. If you are a diehard fan of CR7, please continue to follow his career, we are confident that this individual title will increase even more in the near future.

Lionel Messi

Equally similar to his previous rival CR7, the Argentinian-born player has also scored 54 hat tricks up to now. If Ronaldo’s goals are powerful and courageous shots, then Messi’s are skillful, flexible, and classy goals. This guy in his 30s is also continuing his career, so this personal achievement can also break through in the near future.

Gerd Muller

Although he only scored 32 hat tricks while playing for the Bayern Munich club, his goals all left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. According to some newspapers, Gerd Muller can be said to be the most sought after and “textbook standard” striker in 20th century football.

Ferenc Puskas

Also a Hungarian legend with a record of 12 hat-tricks throughout his career. Even though he passed away a long time ago, the matches in which he scored 3 consecutive goals brought many indescribable emotions to followers.

FAQ – Answer questions surrounding hat trick achievements

In addition to the concept as well as the players with the most hat-tricks in football history, New88 also received many other related questions. To help readers get the most accurate knowledge, we have fully summarized and decoded it below for everyone’s reference.
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What is the definition of a perfect hat-trick?

As you know, scoring 3 goals in a match is not simple and it will be more beautiful when it appears consecutively with a score of 3-0. To put it simply, it means both scoring a goal and making it impossible for your opponent to defeat you. This perfect hat trick is really difficult to do, and not many players in history have been able to do it.

Who scored the first hat-trick in the World Cup?

According to what New88 learned, Bert Patenaude of the US team scored 3 consecutive goals when facing Paraguay in the 1930 season. This was even a perfect hat-trick that first appeared when the score was The final score is also 3-0.

Phase hat trick Which has the shortest playing time in football history?

When considering the fastest time to score 3 goals, player Tommy Ross of Ross County club must be mentioned. In the match against Nairn County in 1964, it only took this guy about 1 minute and 30 seconds to achieve 3 victories.

3 goals is a hat trick, so what is the term for 2 and 4 goals?

In the sport of kings, “brace” is a phrase that refers to players who score 2 goals, Vietnamese fans also call it another term “double”. On the contrary, if there are 4 goals in the same match, it is called “Poker”. Cases like 5 and 6 are very rare in the 11-person competition format, so there is not too much information about the names.


With the information just shared above, we are sure football fans understand what a hat trick is. Please continue to follow the articles on New88’s website to gain more interesting knowledge about the king sport!

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