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UEFA EURO 2024 match schedule – one of the most important content that audiences are interested in recently. Will there be any surprises in the 6-group situation? Will the big teams easily pass the group stage or will the dark horse speak up? To accurately assess match schedule information as well as issues of each table, let’s join Vin777 Find out through the following article.

UEFA EURO 2024 Group A match schedule

UEFA EURO 2024 match schedule information in Group A of course attracts the audience’s attention because this group will open this year’s tournament. Host Germany is of course the most highly rated team and is considered a championship candidate. They will have their opening match against Scotland on June 15, the Tank is definitely aiming for 3 points to create a good start.

The remaining match is the battle between Hungary and Switzerland on the same day, the second match is Germany against Hungary and Scotland clashes with Switzerland on June 19 and 20. In the final match, Switzerland faces Germany and Scotland takes on Hungary on June 24. Besides Germany, all three remaining names hold the same opportunity for the next ticket. 

Group B match schedule

Table B of European football championship 2024 is considered a group of death due to the appearance of Spain, Italy, Croatia and Albania. Among the four names mentioned above, Albania is rated the lowest because the remaining teams are all considered championship candidates. 

In the open round, fans will witness the classic Group B confrontation between Spain and Croatia on June 15. Meanwhile, defending champion Italy begins the journey to defend its throne with a match against Albania on May 16.

The second match Croatia vs Albania will meet first on June 19 while the match between Spain vs Italy will take place later on June 21. The final match of Group B is on June 25 when Croatia meets Italy and Spain faces the weakest team in the group Albania. It is entirely possible for Italy, Spain and Croatia to make it to the next round if they get one of the four third-place tickets with the best results.

Group C match schedule – The most balanced match group

Information about the UEFA EURO 2024 match schedule we see the appearance of the most highly rated England team. The remaining opponents such as Slovenia vs Denmark or Serbia are quite similar.

The Three Lions had their opening match against Serbia on June 17, and one day before that, Slovenia vs Denmark clashed in the opening match of Group C. The second round clashed with the most annoying opponent, Denmark. If they win, they will almost keep the top spot. Meanwhile, Slovenia vs Serbia is said to have to be decided to take third place on June 20.

The final match of Group C takes place on June 26 when England clashes with Slovenia and Denmark meets Serbia. Most likely, the situation of Group A can only be decided after the final round ends. Denmark and Serbia will see which team can continue with England.

Group D match schedule

Group D of Euro 2024 has two very strong teams: France and the Netherlands. Both of their remaining opponents in this group, Poland and Austria, are not overrated. Therefore, it is likely that the first and second positions will be contested by Goloa Rooster and Orange Cyclone. 

The opening match of Group D is a confrontation between Poland and the Netherlands on June 16 and Austria faces France on June 18. The French team is of course the highest rated team and they want to stay at the top of Group D. This will be decided in the second round when France meets the Netherlands on June 22 and the Netherlands faces Austria on June 21. 6. 

The final match of Group D will take place on June 25 when the Netherlands will meet Austria and France will face Poland. If Lewandowski and his teammates want to think about their ticket to the next round, they need to take third place and wait for the situation in the remaining groups.
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Group E match schedule

Looking at the UEFA EURO 2024 Group E match schedule, it is somewhat more balanced when only Belgium is rated highest. The Red Devils fall into a fairly easy group and they aim to win the group to enter the 1/8 round with the best attitude. Meanwhile, the opportunities will be divided equally between the three remaining teams: Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia.

The first match of Group E takes place on the same day, June 17, when the earliest match is Romania vs Ukraine and Belgium clashes with Slovakia 3 hours later. In the second round, Slovakia vs Ukraine must fight for a ticket to continue in this group on June 21. Meanwhile, Belgium only has to face the lowest rated team in the group, Slovakia. 

The third round took place on June 26 when Slovakia vs Romania faced each other and Ukraine had to fight with Belgium. Besides Belgium, the remaining teams such as Romania and Ukraine all have a high chance of progressing. 

Group F match schedule

In the UEFA EURO 2024 Group F match schedule, fans will certainly be most interested in the Portuguese team. Similar to the Belgian team, Ronaldo and his teammates are said to not have too much trouble getting through the group stage. 

The remaining opponents in Group F such as Türkiye, Georgia and the Czech Republic are all very moderate. Only Türkiye is considered the most annoying opponent in Group F with Portugal. 

The opening match of Group F begins with the match between Türkiye and Georgia on June 18. The Turkish team needs 3 full points to hope to soon win the right to continue, Portugal clashes with the Czech Republic on June 19. 

The second match takes place on June 22 when Georgia vs Czech Republic plays early and Turkey plays Portugal later. This round will likely determine the top team and the first ticket to advance. The last match is on June 27, Czech Republic vs Türkiye meet and Portugal only has to meet the weakest team in group Georgia. 

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