Should You Keep 3-pc Outfits in your Wedding Bari?

The excitement of a new life in your “bari” often leads newly married girls to take heavily embroidered, fancy clothes with them that they cannot wear on regular days.

But hold on, brides-to-be! Packing smartly requires considering practicality alongside the glamor. When the Events are over, you will be left with nothing but fancy dresses that are likely to get stained or ruined. Plus, for a casual date out, you’ll look overdressed with a festive, embroidered dress.

What Kind of Outfits to Keep in Wedding Bari

When one thinks about bari outfits, we often think about kamdani dresses, embroidered sarees, and fancy ghararas. While these outfits are essential for any newlywed bride to flaunt in events, your wedding bari should have three kinds of outfits and not just one:

1.Party Wear

Party wear outfits are essential for any Pakistani bride. Here are some options to consider when you’re choosing the party wear outfits in your bari:

Lehengas and Ghararas

Lehengas and ghararas are any woman’s crown pieces in the wardrobe. However, we recommend only going for lehengas and ghararas if your wedding is followed by another wedding in the close family.

If there’s no such occasion, but you still want to have a lehenga in your bari, choose lighter fabrics like chiffon or net adorned with sequins or dabka.

Kamdani Dresses

Kamdani dresses look amazing and elegant, especially if you choose pastel colors. This traditional outfit is a must-have in your bari for dawats and smaller gatherings.


Every Pakistani girl dreams of looking exquisite by wearing a saari. While the temptation to stockpile sarees for your bari is understandable, opting for 1-2 versatile pieces can be a smarter strategy.

Choose classic styles with timeless details, like a Banarasi silk with zari borders or a chiffon saari with delicate chikankari work. These versatile pieces can be worn for formal events and festive gatherings.

2.Formal Wear

Formal wear includes those outfits that you wear when you’re going for a gathering or have visitors coming over.

3-piece Outfits

3-piece outfits are a must-have in your bari. But since you’re newly wed, you’d want to opt for rich fabrics like jacquard or twill viscose for a luxurious look. Alkaram Studio’s Unstitched Collection has lots of 3-piece outfits that look great as formal wear.

For everyday wear, invest in pastel-colored outfits, delicate chikankari work, zari borders, lightly embroidered pieces, or outfits with delicate gold elements.

We have often seen Nida Siddiqui, the First Female Head of Ecommerce wearing dresses that come with exquisite shawls that look perfect as formal elegant wear.

Bonus Tip: Opt for rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, or wine red that exude sophistication.

Silk Tunics

Silk tunics offer effortless elegance and versatility for formal occasions. Pair them with straight-cut or cigarette pants in contrasting or complementary colors for a polished look.

3.Casual Wear

For everyday comfort, invest in ready to wear kurtis. Make sure that you get matching dupattas for these outfits rather than wearing plain white and blacks. Choose the fabrics depending on the season and go for light embroidery if you like to dress up for casual outings.

Go for light khaddar and karandi dresses from Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection to create a collection that has amazing colors, premium fabrics, and exquisite designs.

Bonus Tip

Pair your casual outfits with blingy Pakistani jewelry like Jhumki and bangles to give off the newly wedded look!

Final Words

Your bari should have every kind of outfit you’ll need for the next six months. If you’re going for a honeymoon or have a close wedding in your new family, choose your bari outfits accordingly. 

However, you should make sure that you have all three kinds of dresses in your bari so you’re ready for any occasion without the stress of endless outfit changes. 

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