How to play Sicbo to win consistently in the casino

For online Sicbo players, finding out how to play sicbo Winning is always the top concern. We have conducted thorough research and will share effective strategies that many experts have successfully applied during the upcoming Tet holiday. Don’t miss these secrets, because they will be revealed by TRANG CHỦ JUN88 shortly.

Introduction to the game Sicbo

Sic Bo is a traditional dice game that originated in China, but quickly became an important part of the global gambling world. Known by many different names such as Tai Sai, Dai Siu, SicBo gives players a unique and attractive gambling experience.

When hearing the name Sicbo, many of you feel strange, but in fact this is an extremely familiar game to those who are passionate about red and black. Sicbo is also known as Vietnamese Sicbo.

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Features of the Sicbo game

The main components

The game uses three six-sided dice, each numbered from 1 to 6, which are rolled into a box while players bet on possible outcomes.

A chess board with printed bets for players to place money on.

There are many different types of bets

Players can bet on many different outcomes such as: total score of three dice, specific numbers appearing, or special combinations, even/odd bets.

Luck and randomness

Sic Bo is one casino games based on luck and the completely random results of rolling the dice. Players can completely calculate their winning rate based on statistical probability calculations

Easy to play, easy to win

How to play Sic Bo has simple rules, making it an easy game to learn and play, suitable for both beginners and those with experience in gambling.

Sic Bo not only brings thrill and challenge to players but is also characterized by randomness and diversity in betting, creating a unique and exciting gambling experience.

Jun88 experts share how to play magical Sicbo

Sicbo game has an extremely simple and easy-to-understand gameplay, including the following bet types:

Over/Under Betting

Under: if 3 dice return results with values ​​from 0-10, those who bet on Under win.

Over: if 3 dice return a value of 11-18, those who bet on Over win.

Bet on any number

The player bets on any number, winning if that number appears on at least one of the three dice. Or you can accurately predict the total score that those 3 dice return

Bet on specific sets of 3

Win when all three sides of the dice show the same number. It’s like when we play Bau Cua Tom Ca and the 3 sides of the dice return 1 animal.

Odd even bet

You will predict whether the total score of the 3 dice is an even or odd number. We are only interested in numbers in the units place, if 1,3,5,7,9 are odd; And 0,2,4,6,8 are even.

Effective Sicbo Jun88 betting experience

After consulting with experts in the game Sicbo (Jun88). Jun88’s team of experts has summarized the following Sicbo playing experiences for new players:

You should not bet when the odds are equal

Limiting bets to options with equal payouts is a smart strategy according to experts. The constant betting on

the same choice can reduce the possibility of winning and increase the risk of losing capital.

Instead, raise the bet on different options that have different reward rates, thereby optimizing your chances of winning and achieving big profits.
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Grasp the rules that appear

In this way of playing Sicbo, it is important to monitor previous results to recognize the pattern of occurrence of choices with high and low payout rates. Take advantage of this information to place bets at the right time, increase your chances of winning and profit.

Do not bet too much in one game

Limiting placing too many bets in one Sicbo game is a principle applied by many players. This helps maintain focus and control of betting capital, avoiding losing money due to multitasking management.

Although a large bet can increase your chances of winning, it also comes with the risk of losing profits compared to your investment capital.


Sicbo is a money-making gambling game suitable for those who are lazy to analyze, think and judge too much. You just need to understand the rules and how to play to be able to bet. Final Jun88 Wish you good luck and reap many victories when betting!

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